Last night's show raised $370 for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières!

Thanks to the Moment's Notice audience & performers, we were able to make two donations today, this one and another, totaling $370.

The performers were amazing, too.

Dance, narrative theater, and music, all masterful and each referencing or evoking nature. But don't take my word for it. Here's an email we received:

Doesn't everyone think last night was about the best MoNo ever? I was enthralled from start to finish -- and wowed by the high level, diversity, and gorgeous execution of the performances. THANK you all for producing this thing (and for considering the Haitian sorrow...)

If you weren't there, here's what you missed:

Margit Galanter opened the show with a solo dance. She transformed the space with a few simple props, including large paper circles on the wall and floor. Then she transformed herself, again and again. After the show, she gave away gift certificates for her Physical Intelligence body work sessions, which combine acupressure and Feldenkrais. She teaches, too. Contemplative Dance, Tuning… Definitely worth checking out: http://physicalintelligence.org/)

Owen Walker followed, doing an Action Theater solo about fatherhood, domesticity, a squirrel, life, death, and things that can/cannot be put off. He wove these themes into a tight, funny story. Owen is a superb teacher, too, btw. He leads a weekly class and he's teaming up with Linda Rodeck -- you might remember her from our 11/7/09 Moment's Notice -- to offer a workshop on Jan. 30-31: http://www.actiontheaterbayarea.com

Anka Draugelates & Cheryl Leonard played music on instruments made of reeds, stones, water, wood -- mostly things collected in nature. It was ethereal, moody, fascinating -- and hard to take our eyes off them. But, we did, because they were joined by surprise guests: exquisite dancers from Capacitor (Jody Lomask, Mayuko Hosoai, Marvin Vergara and Ashley Johnson). They're collaborating on a series of workshops and dances to raise awareness and funds for marine sanctuary, The Ocean Project: http://capacitor.org/

Olivia Corson gave us an engaging Body Tales narrative about motherhood, bats, and environmental crisis. It was personal in a way that made the political come alive, and vice versa (If you define ecological issues as political, that is. Anyway, I went home and Googled "bats dying"; now I want to do a fundraiser for them, too. Go ahead and Google it yourself. I dare you to. ) Olivia teaches her way of blending dance with storytelling, and she's gifted at creating a nurturing environment for risk-taking; here's her website: http://www.bodytales.com/

The evening ended with Rajendra Serber and Kristen Greco dancing gorgeously to another set of Anka's and Cheryl's exquisite nature-inspired music. Rajendra is just so fun, and he'll be teaching contact improv at Counterpulse in February: http://counterpulse.org/calendar/classes-and-workshops/

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this evening so satisfying! We "heart" you!

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