April 26 show

Moment's Notice performers on April 26 will be:

  • Annah., Hanna Erdman & Kira Kirsch: Dance & live music
  • Catherine Baumgartner: Dance
  • Katarina Eriksson (AKA Dr. Eugenia Frank): Dance theater
  • Evan Specter: Theater
  • Brian P Myers: Theater

Same logistics as usual:

Showtime: 8pm

Tickets: $8-15 sliding scale

(We're funded 100% by ticket sales, so your contribution helps us pay for our performance space rental, flyers, programs... and if there's enough left over, performers!)

Western Sky Studio
2525 8th Street (between Dwight Way & Parker St.)
Berkeley, CA

Reservations usually aren't necessary -- we can always add chairs!


Catherine Baumgartner
is originally from Minneapolis, MN where she danced on bridges, barges, and buildings with site-specific choreographer Marylee Hardenbergh and explored dance's deeper roots in celebration and intergenerational community as a performer and workshop facilitator with Kairos Dance Theatre. Since moving to the hiker's paradise of West Marin in 2007, Catherine has become a student of Mt. Tamalpais, learning new ways to think about "time" and "space" and the many ways one can cultivate a kinesthetic relationship with the landscape. She also just started the MA program in Transformative Arts at John F. Kennedy University, hoping to focus on movement as a contemplative practice and to explore the nature (literal and figurative) of creative inspiration. Catherine is very interested in connecting with artists who would be open to deep diving into the collaborative process to create multidisciplinary performances and other events.

Lately, dancer Katarina Eriksson has been haunted by the character Dr Eugenia Frank. In this piece, she explores the story of Ms Frank through the form of solo improvisation, and to music by Asa Chung & Junray

Kira Kirsch, born in Berlin, studied modern dance and pedagogy at the conservatory of Vienna. She was granted with scholarships of tanzpool and the Austrian Arts Council to deepen and furthering her movement studies and artistic development. She studied with Frey Faust for seven years and is a certified Axis Syllabus instructor. She gets invited to lead wksps and classes in both dance technique and contact improv all around Europe and California and among others has worked with Half Machine(DK), Frey Faust's ABCD Collective(EU), PARTS(B) and Cie Anna Tenta(A). She is currently dancing with the choreographer Erika Tsimbrovsky and the visual artist Vadim Puyandaev in San Francisco.

Hana Erdman studied contemporary dance and contact improvisation at UCLA and in San Francisco. She dances and performs in the bay area and in Europe. She has had the pleasure of working with Jess Curtiss, Smith/Wymore productions, Half Machine, The Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, as well as in her own work. She currently trains with and dances for Sara Shelton Mann in San Francisco. Most recently she has become obsessed with circus aerial performance and trains at the circus center in San Francisco. Hana also plays music with her experimental band project in Berlin called drowning daisies.

Annah Wilson is a Bay Area, Accoustic-Experimental artist/musician, and the writer of
the zine Resisting Palindromes. myspace.com/annahantipalindrome

Evan Specter is a founding member of Tumbleheart, and he is also developing a solo show about eating too much at the spiritual smorgasbord (please visit http://DragonTree.weebly.com). He has been singing and making theater since grade school in New York, and was introduced to autobiographical improvisation through a chance meeting at a mountaintop monastery. Evan has been studying movement, writing and improvisation with Nina Wise and Corey Fisher for ten years.


Next show is on March 22

Here's info on our next Moment's Notice show. Logistics are the usual:

Saturday, March 22 @ 8pm
Tickets: $8-15 (sliding scale)
Western Sky Studio
2525 8th Street, Berkeley

This month's performers are:

Action Theater: Deanna Anderson, Kim Criswell, Catherine Debon, Hana Hammer, Hank Obermayer, Claire Peaslee, Molly Sullivan, & Owen Walker

It's been a while since we've had a large group of people improvising together at Moment's Notice. This large group has practiced together and worked with Ruth Zaporah for many years. Most teach Action Theater as well as perform.

Dance: Rosemary Hannon

Over the years, Rosemary has performed many times at Moment's Notice, and she's always fabulous.

Music: Wayne Grim & Aurora Josephson

You'll have to come to the show to find out about these two! ;-)