Announcing Our MoNo-Nov lineup!

Here's the current lineup for our November 10 show:

Meg Anderson & friends - music
Daniel Bear Davis, Jote Mahern, Leaf Tine, & Meg Anderson - dance & music
Owen Walker - theater
and, of course, our usual in-the-moment surprises!

The usual logistics apply:
 Western Sky Studio
2525 8th Street, Berkeley, CA
7:00 p.m.  (since it's a Sunday)
$8-$20 sliding-scale tickets available at the door

We hope to see you there!!!!
         —Katarina, Rosemary & Kim



Keep this between us. Our little secret. It's not quite certain yet, but...

It looks like we'll be having a Moment's Notice in mid-November. 

That's November, 2013, to be specific. In which case, we'll be seeing you soon again!


Details about our April 14 show

Bios, April 14:

Briony Greenhill is a British singer specializing in improvisation, community and play. She studied music at the London Guildhall, with Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, David Eskenazy, Charwell Dutiro and Atul Upadhye in India. She lives in Oakland, California. Briony has been performing since she was eleven years old, both solo and in a number of different ensembles, from the rickety stage of the Beccles Public hall to the ICA in London's Pall Mall (just up the road from Buckingham Palace). She's been holding community and corporate singing workshops, and singing in a ceremonial context, for over six years. She co-founded the London Vocal Improv Collective in 2011 and now she is exploring the possibility of something similar in the San Francisco Bay Area. www.brionygreenhill.com

Cathie Caraker invites you to check out this breathtaking footage from one of Henry Kaiser's Antarctic diving expeditions - accompanied by Henry on guitar. She is excited that Henry is returning to perform with her at MoNo again and this time Vitali Kononov will be joining as well. Woot!

Claire Peaslee

Cloud light. Bird migration. Purple-topped turnips. Krill. Ziggy energy. These are a few things Claire associates with spring. She thought you might need to know this up front, since you are about to learn more about her than she knows herself. What else. Life practice in Action Theater, taught by Ruth Zaporah and Owen Walker. Just finished a four-day workshop here, sweat barely dry. Writer, naturalist, radio person, blah blah blah. Lives in Point Reyes Station, so grateful to be here. 

Katarina Eriksson has been involved in improvisational dance since 1989, collaborating with artists such as Julyen Hamilton, Cathie Caraker, and Karen Nelson. She teaches Contact Improvisation and other improvisational work in Europe and the US.  Katarina's traditional dance background includes the Gothenburg State Theater and Opera. She produces the performance series Moment's Notice in Berkeley, which she co-founded in 2000. Her latest performance endeavors are: touring with Hoppalappa Postfolki Tanziteatteri in Sweden and Germany, dancing in a site-specific piece in Beirut, and directing inter-disciplinary performances in Massachusetts and New York.

www.momentsnoticeimprov.blogspot.com ("about moment's notice")

Stuart Phillips says: "Improvisational Contact Dance Performance gives me a platform to discover my true nature, within each fleeting moment, a gift to everyone."  www.stulip6.wix.com/stulips

Kerstin Stuart
asks: "Where is that I will meet both you and myself for this moment in time and where will we go???"

Kim Criswell performs improvised, sense-based physical theater. Her background is steeped in Action Theater, but she will not be doing Action Theater. In fact, she may not even be performing. This time, she's interested in un-performing, curious about just how simple things can be...


The Vital Statistics

Here's the who-what-when-where-&-how-much for our next Moment's Notice show. (We'll let you decide why.)

April 14, 2013
Showtime: 7:00 pm        Tickets:  $8-20
Western Sky Studio 
2525 8th Street, Berkeley, CA

Cathie Caraker, Vitali Kononov and Henry Kaiser - dance  & music
Kim Criswell - theater 
Briony Greenhill - music
Rosemary Hannon and Katarina Eriksson- dance
Claire Peaslee - theater
Stuart Phillips and Kerstin Stuart - dance

And, most likely, surprises!

Tickets available at door. 


We're back!

News flash!

We've reserved Western Sky Studio for our next Moment's Notice show: Sunday evening, April 14, 2013.  More details to come, but for now: save the date!