The last show... the next show... Happy Holidays!

The last Moment's Notice show was so fun. It was full of surprises, just like we'd promised!

A couple of pieces were surprisingly short -- around 2 minutes! -- which definitely lived up to the old showbiz adage, "always leave 'em wanting more". In a good way, of course.

For example, Jen Marie stood on a chair doing a simple accumulation piece, walking her hands down and up her legs while reciting text by Gertrude Stein. It was "a dance about work, about women working; a whisper and a declaration..." (according to our program notes.) The audience dictated her speed. This might sound academic, but I'm telling you: it was FUN!

Speaking of short & fun, Evan Specter did a moving, edgy, 2-minute narrative solo. He was one of our un-advertised performer surprises -- although, if you visited the blog before the show, you knew he was on the roster.

Kim Criswell (or should I say, "I") was also an un-advertised surprise performer, appearing incognito (in a wig!) doing a duet with Linda Rodeck. It took a few minutes for some people to recognize her (er, me).

Linda Rodeck also did a Depth Improv solo. She lives in Albuquerque and seems to carry the New Mexican desert & wind in her work. (That sounds very serious, and it can be, but Linda is darned clever & knows her way around comic relief.)

Of course, it was no surprise at all that Jon Raskin and Lisa Mezzacappa gave us a superb musical improv, and Cathie Caraker did another dance solo that evoked nature & space. Fun & fresh, yet polished & sophisticated. I wish we'd recorded it all.

Luckily, Evan Specter sent us these photos of the rousing, fun suite of dances that closed the show. Set to David Bowie, it featured around nine - NINE! - dancers. An installment of Rosemary Hannon's & Katarina Eriksson's "dansical", it included Cathie Caraker, Jen Marie, Rajendra Serber, Kristen Greco, Cody Straus and, of course, Rosemary and Katarina.

Our next show is on Saturday, January 16, 2010.
Performers include Anka Draugletes (music/sound art), Cathleen Daly (theater), Margit Galanter (dance), Owen Walker (theater), & Rajendra Serber (dance).

Mark your calendars & come help us start the new year right!

Until then, we wish you happy, peaceful, joy-and-improvisation-filled holidays!


Hope to see you on Nov. 7!

Details about our Nov. 7 show: scroll down for performers' bios!

Moment’s Notice

A performance series devoted to
improvised music, dance, & theater

Saturday, November 7, 2009
Showtime: 8:00 pm

Tickets: $8-15 sliding scale. Available at door.

Western Sky Studio
2525 8th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710


Cathie Caraker : dance

Cathie Caraker is an international dance artist and teacher. Her solo performance work has been presented in NYC by Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace at St. Mark's Church, Movement Research at the Judson Church, University Settlement House and the New York Improvisation Festival, and elsewhere in N. America, Europe, Argentina and Brazil. She was recently Artist-in-Residence at CounterPULSE in San Francisco, where she premiered a new work in collaboration with Katarina Eriksson.

Cathie will show the second in a series of solo improvisations to music by Aaron Zimm. (Photo by Frank Revi)

Jon Raskin & Lisa Mezzacappa : music

Jon Raskin (sax) and Lisa Mezzacappa (bass) are both composers and improvisers who look far afield on there perspective instruments for inspiration. This duo will delve into a wide range of sonorities and melodic invention. For more information, visit http://www.lisamezzacappa.com/, www.jonraskin.com and www.rova.org (The image at the top of this blog post is one of Jon's compositions -- see it on his website!)

Linda Rodeck : action theater / depth improv

Linda Rodeck is a performance artist, writer, and teacher. She improvises nationally and internationally in solo and collaboration. For the past ten years, she has studied and performed with master improviser, Ruth Zaporah and the International Action Theater Ensemble. Linda regularly teaches the techniques of Depth Improvisation and Action Theater in New Mexico and is a resident teacher at the Harwood Arts Center in Albuquerque. She is available to teach your weekend, five day, or two week workshop throughout the United States and Internationally. http://depthimprovisation.com

Katarina Eriksson & Rosemary Hannon : dance

Katarina Eriksson & Rosemary Hannon have decided that they will make a “dansical” one day. This improvisation is a study/etude/experiment/piece of research toward it. They call it I’m Only Dancing 3. Rosemary Hannon co-produces Moment's Notice, teaches Contact Improvisation and performs with Nono Dance. Katarina Eriksson co-founded Moments Notice, way back in 2000! Katarina’s latest performance endeavours include touring with Hoppalappa Postfolki Tanziteatteri in Sweden, and shows at the SF Fringe Festival with Rowena Richie's LandEscape, a dance theater piece based on Michael Pollan’s texts.

Jen Marie & Daniel Fleischer : dance / voice

...itself in the rich avalanche of heavy words...

Jen Marie’s collaboration with Daniel Fleischer, …itself in the rich avalanche of heavy words..., is a dance structured around the grammar, rhythm, and word play within James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. (The title comes from Agua Viva by Clarice Lispector) Operating under the mindset of stream-of-consciousness, the dance provides an arena for movements that flow into and out of one another, where the start of phrases are waylaid, diverted, or startled into other starts of phrases, references to self and culture, and re-combinations that evoke the last which becomes a new start of … and then the next. Etc. This dance is a found object, a relic of human cognition.

An Oakland-based dance artist, Jen Marie works primarily with movement and writing. She holds a BA in Dance and Performance Studies from UC Berkeley, and has performed with local artists Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts and Shannon Preto, as well as in her own work in the Bay Area and abroad. She is excited and honored to be a part of this season's Moment's Notice!

Evan Specter : motion theater

Evan Specter is a founding member of Tumbleheart, a 7-person ensemble that composes autobiographical memoir-scapes in real time, culling the recent past for moments alive enough to fire up some mirror neurons. His background includes 10 years in the physical narrative technique called Motion Theater, which harnesses physical impulses to activate images and memories, and then weaves the emerging threads into a coherent narrative. He also has a solo show about overeating at the spiritual smorgasbord (http://therebedragons.weebly.com/). He recently joined 2 friends in preparing a 40-course French-inspired meal in Seattle to celebrate their 40th birthdays (http://bit.ly/fTCju). He savors life in Berkeley with a dog, a cat, a hen, a wife, a Legoboy & a Bollywood dancergirl.

...& who knows what surprises...


Anatomy of Presence

Moment’s Notice and NONOdance present:

Anatomy Of Presence

(a performance evening of improvised works)

Thursday, October 22, 2009 8:30-10pm

Benno Voorham (Sweden), Katarina Eriksson (Sweden/USA), Ray Chung (USA), Rosemary Hannon (USA) and Vitali Kononov (Russia/USA)

A crosspolination of contact improvisation, dance and theater, Anatomy of Presence reveals the hidden currents of human attention and it’s manifestation in space and time. At the intersection of funny and serious, deep and shallow, physical and psychic performers locate their presence and share it with the audience.

Part one: Bones. Performed by Ray Chung, Vitali Kononov and Benno Voorham.

Part two: Skin. Performed by Benno Voorham and Katarina Eriksson.

Part three: Blood. Performed by Katarina Eriksson and Rosemary Hannon.

Part four: Muscules. Performed by Rosemary Hannon, Katarina Eriksson, Ray Chung, Vitali Kononov and Benno Voorham.

Part five: Heart. Performed by Benno Voorham.

Sawtooth Building, 8th Street Studio, 2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710

Donation: $8-15 encouraged but not forced

For reservations call 510-703-1085 or email nono at artsomatic.org


Next Show: November 7!

Hello, friends of Moment's Notice!

Our next show is coming up... The extraordinary Jon Raskin & Lisa Mezzacaa will bring us music. Linda Rodeck is flying out from Albuquerque to perform for us; she is a superb improviser of Action Theater and Depth Improv. We'll also have dances by Jen Marie, Cathie Caraker, Katarina Eriksson & Rosemary Hannon. We will even have a surprise or two in store...

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, November 7, 2009
Showtime: 8:00 pm

Tickets: $8-15 sliding scale

Western Sky Studio
2525 8th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710


Cathie Caraker : dance (http://www.caraker.com)

Jen Marie : dance (http://www.youtube.com/user/jeminthesky)

Jon Raskin & Lisa Mezzacaa : music (http://www.jonraskin.com/)

Linda Rodeck : action theater / depth improv (http://depthimprovisation.com)

Katarina Eriksson & Rosemary Hannon : dance (http://nonodance.info)

...& possibly a surprise or two...

Tickets available at door. For more info,
email MomentsNoticeInfo (at) gmail.com


Next Show: August 29, 2009

Hey, friends of Moment's Notice!

Our next show is coming up -- it will be a sweet, intimate gathering of old friends, finding our way to magical moments through improvisation.

We'll be welcoming back Moment's Notice co-founder Katerina Eriksson, fresh from her latest performance tour in Sweden -- yay!

This month’s performers are:

Antyne : music

Victoria Pizzinat Joy : Action Theater

Himma (Christine Cali, Amy Helmstetter, & Sarah Sass) : dance

Rosemary Hannon & Katarina Eriksson : dance

Imaginary Friends (Abhay Ghiara, Kim Criswell & Krista Gullickson) : physical theater

NoNo (Vitali Kononov & Rosemary Hannon) : dance

Saturday, August 29, 2009
sliding scale; tickets available at door

Western Sky Studio
2525 8th St.
Berkeley, CA 94710

Antyne is a musician and artist who, at a very young age, was told often that her mouth was running too much and that it needed to be controlled. Today, though she still makes mistakes, she is learning to run her mouth appropriate amounts, and control her mouth, masterfully, all the while striving to keep the wild alive.

For this Moment's Notice, she will perform improvisational vocal "paths" or "ways", as the Temiar shamans of the Malaysian rainforest refer to them.

Victoria Pizzinat Joy last performed at Moment's Notice with a group of singers... I always find her theater work sensually dramatic and edgy. She's also an artist who makes gorgeous jewelry: http://www.vittajoy.com/

Himma is a new movement research group that practices and performs spontaneouschoreography. The group members Christine Cali, Amy Helmstetter and Sarah Sass are interested in uncovering layers of presence for performance, accessing archetypes from the unconscious, and consciously shifting space, time and energy to create form.

Rosemary Hannon co-produces & co-curates Moment's Notice, teaches Contact Improv and performs with Nono Dance: nonodance.info.

Katarina Eriksson
co-founded Moments Notice, way back in the ‘90s! She has been involved with improvisational dance since 1989, collaborating with artists such asJulyen Hamilton, Ray Chung and Cathie Caraker. She teaches CI and other improvisational forms in Europe, US, and Canada. Katarina's traditional dance background includes The Gothenburg State Theater and Opera. She has only just returned from several months of performing and teaching in Sweden; earlier this year she was an Artist in Residence atCounterpulse, San Francisco.

Katarina's focus in her teaching and performance work is communication and play, plus the challenges and joys of collective instantaneous composition.

(That's Katarina in the photo at the top of the page. But, you probably already knew that.)

Someone recently said that Imaginary Friends' comic physical theater is like "The Marx Brothers meet Butoh". We like that description. "We" being me (Moment's Notice co-producer Kim Criswell), Abhay Ghiara, and Krista Gullickson.

Vitali Kononov is another frequent Moment's Notice performer. He co-founded Nono Dance, teaches weekly Contact Improv classes, and does the most amazing sound scores for his dances.


Ruth Zaporah & Bob Ernst in About Time

The reservation list for tonight's show is FULL!!!

If you haven't made a reservation and do want to see the show, we'll do our best to squeeze you in, but can't guarantee it. There are always a few no-shows, we're looking for more chairs, and there will be some opportunities for standing room or sitting on the floor. (I know, right: standing room; SUCH an opportunity! But Ruth & Bob so rarely perform together these days, and they're so consistently amazing, that it'll probably be worth it.

Hope to see you there tonight!


A Moment's Notice special event: Ruth Zaporah & Bob Ernst!

Hey, friends of Moment's Notice --

Thanks so much to everyone who came to last Saturday's show. We've got the best audiences -- it's so fun. Of course, it helped that we had amazing performers. Diana Lara opened, dancing to sounds of traffic and ocean waves. Vitali's sound scores for NoNo Dance always make me want to MOVE -- this time, he and Rosemary did a witty dance that introduced the "iBox"; they were joined by a violinist who added a touch of intrigue. Andrew Wass's & his group's creativity never fails to amaze; Claire Peaslee's physicality and humor are always surprising: Catherine Debon was so, so French and we so, so related to her solo about bravely facing life's pains. At least, I did! The Brine's music was fresh and quirky.

Our next "regular" Moment's Notice will be on Saturday, August 29.

Before that, though, we have a special event:

Ruth & Bob are Bay Area performance art / improvisation legends -- they're written up in books about improvisation -- real masters of the art.

Ruth co-founded Moment's Notice's home, Western Sky Studio, where she honed & taught her own personal style of improv, Action Theater. She lives in Santa Fe now, so this is a rare chance to see her perform.

Bob was a co-founder of the Blake Street Hawkeyes, the experimental theater ensemble that's famous for being Whoopie Goldberg's old stomping ground, as well as John O'Keefe's, George Coates', and other local luminaries'. He's performed on virtually all the major local stages, as well as on TV & film. He's in the Guinness Book of World Records for a 24+ hour improvisation he did for the Hawkeyes' Actualist's Convention. Insane? Well, maybe insanely wonderful. The July 11 show will be much shorter than that, we promise.

More info is here: http://momentsnoticeimprov.wordpress.com/

Usually we have tickets available at the door, but this time, reservations are advised!

Hope to see you there!


Details about our June 13th show

Showtime: 8:00 pm

Tickets: $8-$15 sliding scale

Location: Western Sky Studio, 2525 8th Street, Berkeley (in the Sawtooth Studios building, between Dwight Way & Parker St.)

Andrew Wass and Kelly Dalrymple-Wass : dance

Andrew Wass and Kelly Dalrymple-Wass founded Non Fiction in 2007. They have been working together for the past 8 years teaching/performing in festivals, universities, and studios in the States and abroad. The Non Fiction website is still under construction so until then, check out www.andrewwass.com and www.lowerleft.org They’re performing “Anything Is Permitted to Us”, an adaptation of a solo body score for ensemble performance.

The Brine (Andy Strain, trombone; Jason Hoopes, bass; Noah Phillips, Guitar) : music

Formed in the East Bay Area in Spring 2008, The Brine is a free improvisation trio that blends elements of accessible tonality and popular music sensibilities with an avant-garde emphasis on texture. The Brine has developed a unique and recognizable sound and is currently putting the finishing touches on their 1st recorded work. (http://www.myspace.com/thebrinetrio)

Claire Peaslee & Kim Criswell : action theater

Claire and Kim will be exploring solos – alternating, interrupting, and perhaps overlapping - in shared space.

Claire Peaslee has a life practice in Action Theater and finds that "improvisation of presence" is actually happening most of the time when life is good. This is why she performs, teaches and studies the form. Claire lives in Point Reyes and subsists as a writer/editor and naturalist. Tonight's improvisation is offered in celebration of possibility and imagination.

Kim Criswell recently returned from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she participated in a gathering of Action Theater teachers and advanced practitioners from around the world. She co-produces Moment’s Notice.

Diana Lara : dance

Diana Lara is a choreographer and dancer from Honduras. She graduated from the Choreography Program of the Center for Research and Choreography at the Mexican National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) in 2003. In 2006, she received a scholarship to study at the program in Somatic Research and Participatory Arts offered by the Moving-on-Center School in Oakland, California. She has worked as a dancer and choreographer for contemporary dance groups in México (Caída Libre and Luna Roja) and Honduras (Danza Libre), participating in festivals in Mexico and Central America. She has training in ballet, Humphrey-Limon and somatic techniques. She was a professor of Humphrey-Limon technique at Centro Cultural Los Talleres in Mexico City for seven years. Diana currently lives in San Francisco and works as an independent artist developing projects based in the exploration of somatic elements.(http://www.escenica7.com/lunaroja/). For Moment’s Notice, she will dance to music by Paul Lansky and John Rodgers.

Catherine Debon : theater

Catherine Debon has been creating performance pieces since the mid 80's – most recently as part of the improv duo, “Radio Brunettes”. These days she only has time to create theater on the spot. In keeping with her fashionable cultural heritage (she’s French!), Catherine is planning nothing but her costume, and hopes for nothing more than hanging in the unknown. Experience tells us this is likely to work out perfectly.

nono dance (Rosemary Hannon & Vitali Kononov) : dance

Nono Dance is a performance collective dedicated to conceptually, visually, and aurally framed improvisation. Formed by Rosemary Hannon and Vitali Kononov in 2007, Nono Dance investigates the somatic realms of dance performance. Nono’s improvisational work explores expanded awareness through non-doing. This authenticity in performance elicits a shared experiential field with the audience, offering somatic resonance and rich imagined non-linear narratives. (nonodance.info)


Our last show, our next show...

Hey, friends of Moment's Notice!

For those of you who missed it, our last show was great: Corey Fisher was a surprise guest, doing a Motion Theater duet with Evan Specter. Cathie Caraker gave us a mesmerizing, witty dance in which she transformed from a space-alien-like creature into a hot babe in red high heels... Cathleen Daly cracked us all up with a theater solo about being called "barren" because she's childless... (Yeah, right!) We also had a beautiful dance from Kristen Greco, cool experimental music from Ed Schocker & friends, and I can still hear Sara Kraft singing "It will be all right" over a cacophony of digitally played-back worries.

Our next show should be fun, too. Here's the info:

Moment’s Notice
A performance series devoted to
improvised music, dance, & theater

June 13, 2009
8:00 pm Tickets: $8-15

Western Sky Studio
2525 8th Street, Berkeley

Andrew Wass & Kelly Dalrymple-Wass: dance
Claire Peaslee & Kim Criswell : action theater
Diana Lara : dance
Catherine Debon :
action theater
"NoNo Dance" (Rosemary Hannon & Vitali Kononov) : dance
"The Brine" (Andy Strain, trombone; Jason Hoopes, bass; Noah Phillips, Guitar) : music

And Brian Myers will be back as our fabulously funny MC.

Tickets available at door.
For more info,
email MomentsNoticeInfo at gmail.com


Come to Moment's Notice on April 18!

Hello, Friends!

We've got the studio and performers lined up for our next show -- and it's going to be another great one. Hope you can join us.

Moment’s Notice
Saturday, April 18, 2009
8:00 pm

Western Sky Studio
2525 8th Street, Berkeley, 94710


Cathie Caraker : dance
Cathleen Daly :
Kristen Greco :
Sara Kraft :
intermedia performance
Edward Schocker, Dylan Bolles, and Zachary Watkins :
Evan Specter & musical guest :
motion theater

Tickets available at door. For more info, email MomentsNoticeInfo (at) gmail.com


Cathie Caraker is a dance-maker, performer and teacher based in San Francisco. Her work has been presented at theaters including Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace at St Mark's Church and the New York Improvisation Festival, Amsterdam's Nestheaters and CounterPULSE. She recently completed the Artist-In-Residence program at CounterPULSE, where she created a new work in collaboration with Katarina Eriksson. Cathie has also collaborated with artists including Danial Lepkoff, David Beadle, Felice Wolfzahn and Gonnie Heggen. She says she's happy to be back at Moment's Notice.

Cathleen Daly writes poetry and fiction and performs now and then.

Kristen Greco is a SF bay- area based choreographer who investigates the layers of the body and psyche through somatics, improvisational movement, contemporary dance technique, and physical theater. Kristen has directed, performed, and taught internationally with The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater since 2000. She is a graduate of Moving on Center (2002) and teaches contact improvisation at festivals, studios, and universities. Kristen is currently serving as guest faculty at USF in San Francisco, CA.

Sara Kraft is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, director, writer, composer/vocalist and teacher who creates original work drawing from her eclectic background in theatre, dance, performance art, film/video, music, installation and site specific work. Her award winning work has gained acclaim for its integration of interactive media and live performance, fusing form and content in groundbreaking ways, weaving disparate non-linear narratives into evening length works, and often directly questioning our relationship to technology and the nature of live performance itself. In addition to making her own work, Kraft was one half of acclaimed multimedia performance collaborative Kraft + Purver (creators of REMOTE and WOODS FOR THE TREES). Her work has been presented in numerous venues and festivals including YBCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), the HERE American Living Room Festival (NYC) and the SF International Arts Festival. Her next evening length work has been commissioned by YBCA, where it will premiere in March 2010.

Edward Schocker is a composer who works mainly with made/found materials and alternate tuning systems. He holds an M.A. in composition from Mills College, where he studied with Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Curran, and independently with Lou Harrison. At Mills, Edward founded The Music For People & Thingamajigs Concert, the only annual event in The Bay Area devoted to music for made/found instruments and alternate tuning systems -- now in its eleventh year. His works are performed throughout the world. Many of his scores are available through Wolf Music Publications Ltd, and can be found in libraries in New York, Montreal, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. Edward was recently awarded The NEA/Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Fellowship to research Japanese musical instruments and tuning systems. For samples of his work, visit http://www.myspace.com/edwardschocker

Like final drops of water, Dylan Bolles, Zachary Watkins and Edward Schocker explore the boundaries of slowness where the mind starts and stops to recognize rhythm.

Evan Specter performs at what he calls "the intersection of unflinching yet unsentimental memoir, authentic physical impulse, and the demands of creating an engaging theatrical atmosphere while practicing conscious embodiment." He says that "Motion Theater, pioneered by the Bay Area's own Nina Wise, offers a narrow road to this Deep North of the Soul. When it's really working, you are there with me, tasting the bite of the apple and the squish of the worm." Evan, a ten year veteran of this improvised, physical form of autobiography, is a founding member of Tumbleheart, an ensemble that is performing on Solstice weekend. (See www.Tumbleheart.org for details.) His recent solo piece, 'There Be Dragons', received a parade of adulation at The Marsh.


Here are details about our next show:

Moment’s Notice

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Showtime: 8:00 pm
Tickets: $8-$15 (sliding scale)

Western Sky Studio
2525 8th Street, Berkeley


Brian Myers - emcee

Cheryl Leonard & Anka Draugelates – music

Kira Kirsch– dance

Kim Criswell & Krista Gullickson – physical theater

Divisidero Research Company (Lizz Roman, Ilka Szilagyi, Laura Stokes, Maica Folch, Nita Little, Aaron Jessup, Vitali Kononov, Xedex Olivas and Matthew Shyka) – dance

Rhonda Morton & Andy Strain – Music / physical theater

Rosemary Hannon & Vitali Kononov – dance

Brian Myers is a wonderfully quirky improviser who often emcee's and volunteers for Moment's Notice.

Cheryl Leonard and Anka Draugelates will perform on viola, voice, water and found natural objects. Anka is an improvising vocalist/musician who is visiting from Regensberg, Bavaria. Cheryl is a composer, performer, and improviser of music and interdisciplinary works. Her interests include finding and building instruments, working with natural materials, collaboration across artistic disciplines, and site-specific work. Many of her pieces explore very quiet phenomena and the intricacies of sounds not generally considered musical. She has been awarded grants from the ASCAP Foundation, Meet the Composer, and the American Composers Forum; and artist residencies at the Djerassi Resident Artist Program, Engine 27, and Villa Montalvo. Recordings of her music are available from Great Hoary Marmot Records, Pax Recordings, 23five Incorporated, Apraxia Records, Old Gold Records and the Lab. She's joining us fresh from a sound-collecting trip to Antarctica. Her website tells more: http://www.allwaysnorth.com

Kira Kirsch was born in East-Berlin and studied modern dance and pedagogy at the conservatory of Vienna. She was granted scholarships from t a n z p o o l and the Austrian Arts Council to deepen and further her movement studies and artistic activities. She studied with Frey Faust for seven years and is a certified Axis Syllabus instructor. Since 2004 Kira has led workshops in dance technique and contact improv througout Europe and California. Most recently she performed in works by Sara Shelton Mann(US), AVY K./Erika Tsimbrovsky(RUS), Pipaluk Supernova/Half Machine(DK), PARTS and Frey Faust's ABCD Collective(EU). This year she began collaborating with Hana Erdman. Dedicated to deconstructing aesthetics, critical movement research and finding through-and-through embodiment, they've presented their experiments at the 418 project in Santa Cruz and here at Moments Notice. (corpiliquidi.com)

Kim Criswell & Krista Gullickson are 2/3 of Imaginary Friends (the other 1/3 being Abhay Ghiara, whose participation in this performance is dependent on his ability to bend the time-space continuum while traveling in India this February. He's good, but he might not be that good...yet.) They have been practicing and performing improvised physical theater together for about a decade. Lately they've been experimenting with micro-performances: sequences of 1-5 minute improvised segments that build into a large, abstract, whole.

Divisidero Research Company: Under the direction of choreographer Nita Little, Divisidero Research Company (Lizz Roman, Ilka Szilagyi, Laura Stokes, Maica Folch, Nita Little, Aaron Jessup, Vitali Kononov, Xedex Olivas and Matthew Shyka) is an improvisational collective engaged in an overt practice of performance as research. They focus on building resonant webs of awareness derived from movement scores that direct and modulate attention. DRC is in its initial stage of development, investigating the embodied experience by which we know ourselves, one another, and the dance.

Rhonda Morton is a poet, performance artist, dancer and singer with a particular interest in improvisation in all those roles. Equally at home working as a soloist, as an ensemble member, or as a producer/performer, Rhonda uses the transformational power of creativity-in-the-moment, often integrating the audience and/or the site into performances. In 2005, she formed Alligator Mouth Improv, a multi-disciplinary improvisational collective based in Corning, NY. Browse their website for more information and videos: www.rhondamorton.com/alligator.html

Rosemary Hannon & Vitali Kononov: Nono Dance is a performance collective dedicated to conceptually, visually, and aurally framed improvisation. Formed by Rosemary Hannon and Vitali Kononov in 2007, Nono Dance investigates the somatic realms of dance performance. Nono’s improvisational work explores expanded awareness through non-doing. This authenticity in performance elicits a shared experiential field with the audience, offering somatic resonance and rich imagined non-linear narratives. (nonodance.info)


Welcome, Rosemary!

Rosemary Hannon is joining Katarina Eriksson and Kim Criswell as co-curator and co-producer of Moment's Notice -- after performing and helping out at many, many shows. Welcome, Rosemary.

We've booked Western Sky Studio for a Moment's Notice show on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009 -- so save the date! We will announce the line-up of performers soon.

We're looking forward to bringing you another fun evening of mixed-genre improvisation!