Next Show: August 29, 2009

Hey, friends of Moment's Notice!

Our next show is coming up -- it will be a sweet, intimate gathering of old friends, finding our way to magical moments through improvisation.

We'll be welcoming back Moment's Notice co-founder Katerina Eriksson, fresh from her latest performance tour in Sweden -- yay!

This month’s performers are:

Antyne : music

Victoria Pizzinat Joy : Action Theater

Himma (Christine Cali, Amy Helmstetter, & Sarah Sass) : dance

Rosemary Hannon & Katarina Eriksson : dance

Imaginary Friends (Abhay Ghiara, Kim Criswell & Krista Gullickson) : physical theater

NoNo (Vitali Kononov & Rosemary Hannon) : dance

Saturday, August 29, 2009
sliding scale; tickets available at door

Western Sky Studio
2525 8th St.
Berkeley, CA 94710

Antyne is a musician and artist who, at a very young age, was told often that her mouth was running too much and that it needed to be controlled. Today, though she still makes mistakes, she is learning to run her mouth appropriate amounts, and control her mouth, masterfully, all the while striving to keep the wild alive.

For this Moment's Notice, she will perform improvisational vocal "paths" or "ways", as the Temiar shamans of the Malaysian rainforest refer to them.

Victoria Pizzinat Joy last performed at Moment's Notice with a group of singers... I always find her theater work sensually dramatic and edgy. She's also an artist who makes gorgeous jewelry: http://www.vittajoy.com/

Himma is a new movement research group that practices and performs spontaneouschoreography. The group members Christine Cali, Amy Helmstetter and Sarah Sass are interested in uncovering layers of presence for performance, accessing archetypes from the unconscious, and consciously shifting space, time and energy to create form.

Rosemary Hannon co-produces & co-curates Moment's Notice, teaches Contact Improv and performs with Nono Dance: nonodance.info.

Katarina Eriksson
co-founded Moments Notice, way back in the ‘90s! She has been involved with improvisational dance since 1989, collaborating with artists such asJulyen Hamilton, Ray Chung and Cathie Caraker. She teaches CI and other improvisational forms in Europe, US, and Canada. Katarina's traditional dance background includes The Gothenburg State Theater and Opera. She has only just returned from several months of performing and teaching in Sweden; earlier this year she was an Artist in Residence atCounterpulse, San Francisco.

Katarina's focus in her teaching and performance work is communication and play, plus the challenges and joys of collective instantaneous composition.

(That's Katarina in the photo at the top of the page. But, you probably already knew that.)

Someone recently said that Imaginary Friends' comic physical theater is like "The Marx Brothers meet Butoh". We like that description. "We" being me (Moment's Notice co-producer Kim Criswell), Abhay Ghiara, and Krista Gullickson.

Vitali Kononov is another frequent Moment's Notice performer. He co-founded Nono Dance, teaches weekly Contact Improv classes, and does the most amazing sound scores for his dances.