If it's February, it must be time for Moment's Notice

Happy Year of the Rabbit! We're celebrating with a brand new Moment's Notice show.

Moment's Notice
Saturday, February 26, 2011
8:00 pm

Western Sky Studio
2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA

$8-$15 sliding scale


Claire Peaslee : theater
Hana Lee Erdman : dance
Philip Gelb : music
Cathie Caraker, Kristen Greco, Rosemary Hannon, Ronja Ver &Vitali Kononov: dance
Wolves at the Door (Ben Yates & Michael Davenport) : theater

and Katarina Eriksson as MC.

As always with Moment's Notice, there may also be surprise special guests!

Claire Peaslee lives in greater Point Reyes and has regular conversations with birds and shrubs and the weather. She considers Action Theater, taught by Ruth Zaporah, a sort of life practice: improvisation of presence, indeed! Isn't that the essence of a fun existence? With her rather ridiculous range of activities in nature-laughter, Claire invites you to keep in touch via the worldwide web -- at clairepeaslee.net.
Claire invites fellow improvisers to join her in Berkeley on April 8-10 in a workshop taught by Action Theater great Ruth Zaporah. Learn more here.

Philip Gelb is a shakuhachi player who teaches and performs all over the United States, Japan, Europe and Canada at major festivals and venues as well as alternative art spaces, galleries and other venues. He has an active freelance career as an improvisor and runs one of the largest shakuhachi teaching organizations outside of Japan!

Philip has collaborated with choreographers, composers and ensembles too numerous to mention; to find out more (prepare to be impressed) visit www.philipgelb.com

Wolves at the Door (Ben Yates & Michael Davenport) improvise dramatic scenes with comedic elements. Their work is based on creating strong character and relationships, often with an absurdist twist. You can see videos Wolves at the Door at magicjestertheater.com

Cathie Caraker, a native San Franciscan who's spent most of her adult dancing life in Amsterdam and western MA, has been involved with Contact Improvisation for almost 30 years and still considers herself a beginner.

Katarina Eriksson is co-founder and co-curator of Moment's Notice, teaches Contact Improvisation (currently at CounterPULSE, San Francisco), and has lately taken an interest in directing improv-based multi-disciplinary performances.

Kristen Greco loves playing in the snow, walking on the beach, making dances, and being quiet.

Vitali Kononov is a movement artist, bodyworker and somatic movement educator, working with improvisation as a performance discipline, therapeutic tool and a contemplative practice.

Ronja Ver is a working artist. http://soluja.blogspot.com