About Moment's Notice

Moment’s Notice is a performance series devoted to improvised music, dance and theater. It offers an intimate, casual, consistent venue for experiencing improvisation as an alternative and experimental form of performing art.

Most shows feature four to six separate performances each lasting around 10 minutes. There is a mix of solos and groups as well as of music, dance, and theater. Performers often cross boundaries between styles and genres, for example, combining dance with action painting, live and/or projected video, etc. Some make music with home-made instruments or found objects. Others invite audience participation.

The thread that ties together all Moment’s Notice performances is improvisation. Performers may arrive with a general idea or “score”, but each performance includes the essential, enlivening element of chance -- the fresh authenticity of improvisation. 

Moment’s Notice was started in the year 2000 by Katarina Eriksson, a dancer, and Cassie Terman, an improviser of physical theater. Kim Criswell gave the series its name. After Cassie moved to New York, Lysa Castro (performer and instructor of BodyTales and Authentic Movement) began co-producing and co-curating. Kim Criswell (another physical theater improviser) became co-producer and co-curator in August, 2006, when Katarina took a sabbatical to perform in Europe. Later, Rosemary Hannon began helping out as well. Now, Rosemary, Kim and Katarina collaborate as the series’ producers and curators.