The last show... the next show... Happy Holidays!

The last Moment's Notice show was so fun. It was full of surprises, just like we'd promised!

A couple of pieces were surprisingly short -- around 2 minutes! -- which definitely lived up to the old showbiz adage, "always leave 'em wanting more". In a good way, of course.

For example, Jen Marie stood on a chair doing a simple accumulation piece, walking her hands down and up her legs while reciting text by Gertrude Stein. It was "a dance about work, about women working; a whisper and a declaration..." (according to our program notes.) The audience dictated her speed. This might sound academic, but I'm telling you: it was FUN!

Speaking of short & fun, Evan Specter did a moving, edgy, 2-minute narrative solo. He was one of our un-advertised performer surprises -- although, if you visited the blog before the show, you knew he was on the roster.

Kim Criswell (or should I say, "I") was also an un-advertised surprise performer, appearing incognito (in a wig!) doing a duet with Linda Rodeck. It took a few minutes for some people to recognize her (er, me).

Linda Rodeck also did a Depth Improv solo. She lives in Albuquerque and seems to carry the New Mexican desert & wind in her work. (That sounds very serious, and it can be, but Linda is darned clever & knows her way around comic relief.)

Of course, it was no surprise at all that Jon Raskin and Lisa Mezzacappa gave us a superb musical improv, and Cathie Caraker did another dance solo that evoked nature & space. Fun & fresh, yet polished & sophisticated. I wish we'd recorded it all.

Luckily, Evan Specter sent us these photos of the rousing, fun suite of dances that closed the show. Set to David Bowie, it featured around nine - NINE! - dancers. An installment of Rosemary Hannon's & Katarina Eriksson's "dansical", it included Cathie Caraker, Jen Marie, Rajendra Serber, Kristen Greco, Cody Straus and, of course, Rosemary and Katarina.

Our next show is on Saturday, January 16, 2010.
Performers include Anka Draugletes (music/sound art), Cathleen Daly (theater), Margit Galanter (dance), Owen Walker (theater), & Rajendra Serber (dance).

Mark your calendars & come help us start the new year right!

Until then, we wish you happy, peaceful, joy-and-improvisation-filled holidays!